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Make your content more valuable


If your attendees retain more of what you are teaching, they get a higher return on their time and effort.  This can be a differentiator for your program or event from the other options they have to choose from.

A lasting relationship


Your learners may be done at your event; but your connection with them doesn't have to be.  Help them remember how and from who  they learned those key teachings long after the event is done.  This means higher attendee retention and referrals for new attendees or programs.

Know what your best content is


Every message that gets reviewed has feedback built into the clearing function.  This means you can compare and improve the content you deliver and make better decisions about programing for the next event.

Make your speakers better


By creating a standardized format to curate your speakers' key learning points, it helps them frame the value and structure of their content and make sure they are mindful of  their impact.

Replace the clutter


Follow up email, text or conference app messages can add to the daily clutter that attendees have the minute they are back to real life.  By having an app that is focused only on learning re-engagement the user gets a streamlined experience to real added value.

How Recur Works

Key Learning Curated


Using the web-based admin portal, key learning is inputted into RECUR and scheduled for delivery

Learners Download/Subscribe


Learners download the app from the Apple or Adroid store, set up login credentials and then subscribe to the curated feeds

Re-engagement delivered


Depending on the settings of the feed and user preferences, following the learning event that takes place, the key learning is delivered to the end user over the course of their subscription.

SPeaker and Conference Resources for success


Although we think that the web admin portal for content curation is easy to use, we're here to help you get comfortable creating and scheduling content for your users.

Subscription tools

Helping your learners get set up in the app is easy.  We help you get the content into the app and then we help facilitate their subscription to increase utilization.

Launch Media

We provide videos, slides, templates and more to educate and promote your investment in  RECUR for your attendees.. All you have to do is small customization of the content rather than create from scratch.

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