We learn because we want to grow


We are all lifelong learners

We learn at work, we learn at home, we learn at our place of worship.  We also learn for so many reasons: our profession, our health, our family, our community, our spirituality. Whether we intend to or not, we all learn every day. Why not get the most out of it?

The Forgetting Curve gets us all

Regardless of how we best learn or how "smart we are, science shows us we forget 75% to 90% of everything we learn in the first 30 days if we don't re-engage with the things we learned.

We know we want a higher return on our learning

Instinctively, we know we retain very little of we learn so we take notes, underline and highlight as we learn.

Time is not on our side

Life is busy.  We keep our notes and intend to go back and re-engage with the learning.  Unfortunately, more pressing life and work gets in the way and we rarely take the effort and time to open those notes. 

RECUR is here to help

By delivering key learning back to us through the RECUR mobile application, the much needed re-engagement process is automated so that we don't have to make the conscious effort or be in a certain place to combat the Forgetting Curve.

How Recur Works

Key Learning Curated


Using the web-based admin portal, key learning is inputted into RECUR and scheduled for delivery

Learners Download/Subscribe


Learners download the app from the Apple or Adroid store, set up login credentials and then subscribe to the curated feeds

Re-engagement delivered


Depending on the settings of the feed and user preferences, following the learning event that takes place, the key learning is delivered to the end user over the course of their subscription.

The recur mobile app

Customized to fit your life


Choose how many times per day, what days, and specifically when you want your content delivered.  Let the app be shaped to your life, not the other way around

Curated Content


The content is already curated for you by the people you are learning from.  You just have to  subscribe in the app to get the most valuable learning delivered to you via a few quick steps.

Not another distraction


Unlike social media and other software, RECUR is designed to make sure we maximize our time by getting in and out of the application quickly.

The best things should last


The ablility to favorite content now will turn into a curation of the content you consider the "best of the best".  This will give you the option of being reminded of the best lessons for your life's journey.

Searchable content


The ability to search content that has been delivered allows you to revisit ideas between spaced learning or long after you've unsubscribed from a feed.

iOS and Android Compatible


Loyalty to a phone brand shouldn't be a limiting factor in maximizing your learning.  That's why RECUR is being developed for both iOS and Android