Frequently Asked Questions


What mobile operating systems does RECUR work on?

RECUR is designed as a mobile application for smartphones.  Currently, we are focused on both Apple and Android.  This doesn't cover every single smartphone on the market, but it does cover the vast majority of users in the US.

How is content curated into RECUR?

RECUR content is loaded via a web based portal by the teacher/trainer.  The learner then subscribes to the specific feeds that are applicable to them.

What kind of "social" communication features does RECUR have?

None, that's right, none.  Unlike social media (or messaging applications), we believe that users should open RECUR, be reminded of the key take away and return to the user's regularly scheduled day.  Learning shouldn't be another technology distraction that gets in the way of what we need to accomplish.  

Is RECUR another way for me to be judged?

No.  Although there are metrics around interaction with RECUR and the quality of content, we believe that learning for growth should have a certain purity to it.  If users are judged based on tests and quizzes it does more to destroy a culture of development than to promote it.

Won't I be overloaded with messages?

Science shows us that we don't have to re-engage with learning everyday in order to increase retention.  In fact, the time between re-engagements should increase each time.