Get a higher return on learning

RECUR automates re-engagement with learning to increase retention 

We learn so we can grow.


The Forgetting Curve is Real

Every day we learn via different environments or media: classrooms, conferences, religious fellowship, books, podcasts, one-on-one coaching, etc. Unfortunately, science shows that we forget up to 90% of what we learn in the first month, or even the first week.  This means we enact very little change in our lives before we forget what, why or how.


Current State: Passive Tools

We've all had noble intentions of combating the Forgetting Curve. We take notes or highlight text and keep books or binders long after their original understanding.  Unfortunately, these curations for success are rarely ever revisted.  We just don't have the time or capacity to cultivate the learning we planted.



RECUR is an app that activates and automates key points from learning into bite size messages that are delivered at strategic mind mapping intervals.   This curation and distribution enables us to retain, implement and grow from our learning.

For the learner

iOS and Android Compatible


Loyalty to a phone brand shouldn't be a limiting factor in maximizing your learning.  That's why RECUR is being developed for both iOS and Android

Customize to fit your life


Choose how many times per day, what days, and specifically when you want your  content delivered.  Let the app be shaped to your life, not the other way around

Grow in all areas of your life


We learn to grow in our professions, our spirituality, our health, our relationships and how we volunteer.  RECUR is designed to cover all areas we choose to learn.

Not another distraction


Unlike social media and other software, RECUR is designed to make sure you maximize your time by getting in and out of the application quickly.

The best things should last forever


The to ablility favorite content now will turn into a curation of the content you consider the "best of the best".  This will give you the option of being reminded of the best lessons for your life's journey.

Searchable content


The ability to search content that has been delivered allows you to revisit ideas between spaced learning or long after you've unsubscribed from a feed.

for the teacher

Make your content more valuable


If your learners retain more of what you are teaching, they get a higher return on their time and effort.  This can be a differentiator for your content.

Don't be a burden


Stop trying to schedule messages around timezones and the lives of the learners.  Let them decide when it works best for them to have messages delivered.

Know what your best content is


Every message that gets reviewed has feedback built into the clearing function.  This means you can compare and improve the messages you deliver and the content you emphasize.

A lasting relationship


Your learners may be done with your book, course, talk or Podcast; but your connection with them doesn't have to be.  Help them remember how and from who  they learned those key teachings long after.

Know who your content is benefitting


Understand who is benefitting the most from your content through analytics and reports.  Of course, the depth of these analytics will always depend on type of content and individual privacy settings.

Replace the clutter


Retention and growth keeps people from regressing.  Stop wasting time and meetings to review topics you've already covered and keep people developing forward, month after month, year after year.

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